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Transformational ideas are born from foundational experiences. Explore the seeds of Manifest's growth through the eyes of one our first users - Katie - below.

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Manifest is trustworthy


The guidance we give our members is the same we'd give our loved ones. We'll never profit from secret kickbacks or fees.

Manifest is trustworthy


Our approach is to help our members become more confident making financial decisions, rather than becoming dependent on short-term solutions.

Manifest is trustworthy


Everyone deserves access to financial guidance, regardless of background. You shouldn't need money to make money.

Manifest is trustworthy


Finance and benefits are full of confusing lingo. We aim to approach things simply so everyone understands.

A story about consolidation and the future of work

Hi there! If you're reading this, you're probably like me—you've switched jobs at least twice in the past five years. You ended up with multiple old retirement accounts left behind with previous employers.

You're starting a new job and have just set up your 401(k) with your new employer. Have you ever thought about what's happening with your old retirement accounts? What should you do about your old retirement accounts? To answer these questions and explain why we created Manifest, we have to get into the story of consolidation.

You have three options. Many friends may have cashed out their accounts, but doing so can cut a nest egg in half due to penalties and taxes. You could also do nothing, but you're worried about juggling multiple investments and rising fees eroding your old balances.

You decide consolidating into a single account is the best decision.

Starting the process comes with a host of questions: What are the tax implications of a transfer? Can a 403(b) transfer into a 401(k)? What's a Roth account? Should I manage my own money or hire an advisor?

You try to find the answers yourself, but it's difficult to know if you're on the right track.

When you finally initiate your transfer, you feel like your life has been taken over by phone calls, mailing forms, and faxing information between your providers.

Despite your effort, it's been months, and your accounts haven't been consolidated. There seems to be no end in sight.

Over 16 million people with employer accounts switch jobs every year, just like you. But 89% of transfers are never completed.

That's where Manifest comes in. We're transforming the opaque transfer process into a delightful experience. With our help, you can locate your savings, get the guidance to make decisions, and know where your money is every step of the way.

Switching jobs provides an opportunity for employers to reinforce their connection with participants. With Manifest, your employer can empower you with access to one-click consolidation.

With confidence, you can now start your new job with your new consolidated retirement account.

You're not alone — millions of Americans face these issues with consolidation every day. Join our team to influence the process, or you can always follow our journey by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

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We are a team of technologists who believe technology should feel effortless, expand accessibility, and create time for human connection. Manifest is changing the retirement story for millions. Join us as we maximize retirement outcomes for all.

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