Modernizing the transfer experience

Part 1

Meet Katie. Katie is starting a new job for the third time in the last five years. Her employer has set her up with a 401(k) plan, but Katie doesn't want to start saving from scratch. She's determined to find her old passwords and take action.

Part 2

Katie has three options. A lot of her friends have cashed out their accounts, but lost half of their nest egg to penalties and taxes. Katie could also do nothing, but she's worried about juggling multiple investments and rising fees eroding her old balances.

Katie decides consolidating into a single account is the best decision.

Part 3

Starting the process comes with a host of questions: What are the tax implications of a transfer? Can a 403(b) transfer into an 401(k)? What's a Roth account? Should she manage her own money or hire an advisor?

She tries to find the answers on her own, but it's difficult for her to know if she's on the right track.

Part 4

When she finally initiates her transfer, Katie feels like her life has been taken over by phone calls, mailing forms, and faxing information between her providers.

Despite her effort, it's been months and her accounts haven't been consolidated. There seems to be no end in sight.

Part 5

Over 16 million people with employer accounts switch jobs every year, just like Katie. But 89% of transfers are never completed.

Part 6

Manifest is transforming the opaque transfer process into a delightful experience. With our help, Katie should be able to locate her savings, get the guidance to make decisions, and know where her money is every step of the way.

Part 7

Switching jobs provides an opportunity for employers to reinforce their connection with participants. With Manifest, Katie's employer empowers her with access to one-click consolidation.

She can now start her new job, and her new consolidated retirement account, with confidence.

Let's collaborate

We are a team of technologists who believe technology should feel effortless, expand accessibility, and create time for human connection. Manifest is changing the retirement story for millions. Join us as we maximize retirement outcomes for all.

You're in good hands...

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